Your eyes speak more than words could say, even if you were able.
Big brothers and sister have all drifted off, and here you are, alone.
“Hold me,” you implore.
“Of course.” You know I’m willing.

So we sit. We rock. I hold you close, you lean in closer still.
Your heart to mine, our lives entwined, I’ll sear this memory deep within.

I love to hear you humming as you let the sleep come over you.
You finish with a simple, “Ma.”
Asleep. Precious baby, sleep.

The smell only a baby can bless the world with.
The sound of your breath. Rise and fall.
The softness of your velvet skin.
I’m taking it all in.

I’ll sear this memory deep within.

In this moment I understand.
Helpless, lonely, needing comfort,
That’s me. Helpless child.
And my heavenly father picks me up.
Holds me close.
And delights in the nearness of his child.
Lord, help me to remember my helplessness.
Sear this memory deep within.

5 Responses to “Sear This Memory Deep Within”

  1. Jean:

    how very profound and beautiful.

  2. Oh I remember those evenings. Now and then one of my now big kids still gets up in the night and needs to be held… often I am able to push the grumps aside and grab hold of a fleeting part of my parenting routine. They are so very lovely and snuggly as babies!

  3. Angie:


  4. Jayna:

    Did you write this Kim? Brought tears to my eyes.

  5. kim:

    Thanks, Jayna. Yes I did write it.

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