I wonder what the librarian thought as I was checking these books out of the library this evening. It didn’t dawn on me until I was walking out, how weird I might have appeared. And how much more funny the situation would have been if I had brought all four kids in with me, rather than just one. Hey, before you peer down your nose at me, just try getting anything done quickly with four small children. Running into the library to grab two books that I had on hold would take an hour if I brought them all. Plus Deacon was sleeping. Sometimes you just have to let them wait in the car.

Please don’t call the police.

Has anyone read either of these? They were both recommended to me (different person for each book) and I am looking forward to reading them.

7 Responses to “Stereotypical?”

  1. I have read Taking Charge of your Fertility, I actually own it. I think it is a book that every woman should read! I haven’t read the newest Duggar book yet – but I think they are an amazing family! Happy reading!

  2. Jessica:

    Yes, read them both! TCYF is essential; every woman should read it, good info. The Duggar book…it is best to read the first one before you read this. But then I found it repeated a lot of the same stuff from the first, so it wasn’t as interesting at right away. I didn’t take a lot away from it, but there were a few pieces of gold (re: parenting advice) that I did take away, so it was worth reading just to get that.

  3. Jessica:

    P.S. Librarians should mind their own business. One time I was getting a book on a particular health problem and the librarian said “oh, don’t worry about that; it will go away on it’s own”. Thanks doctor. Another time I was researching Walmart, and another librarian said “there’s nothing you can do, you can’t stop them”. Thanks for encouraging me to be informed.

    P.P.S. In my experience the only people who look down on parents leaving their kids in cars are people without kids.

    P.P.P.S. Ironically, the message in both those books are opposite!: one is promoting controlling fertility and one is not!

  4. kim:

    Well, one might assume that I am reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility for the purpose of “pregnancy achievement” rather than for information about natural birth control. And it’s actually not anyone’s actual business what my real intent is, haha!

    And I think you’re right about the people without kids statement. Although when I had only one kid I was paranoid and always brought him in everywhere…it’s different when there are other kids able to stay in the vehicle and keep baby happy if he wakes up.

  5. Jessica:

    Well, that’s just it…TCYF is about aiding pregnancy achievement when you want to and preventing it…when you want to. The Duggars from what I gather are about neither.

    That’s true about one kid!

    My friend had two school age children in her car and she ran into a store to get milk or something…it was a little corner store and she could actually see them through the front window the whole time. When she got out a lady yelled at her and threatened to call the police. Her kids were quite shaken for a while that the lady had yelled at her so much.

  6. Angie:

    I own TCYF and think they should create a health class out of it in high school. It’s essential info for every woman!

  7. Never heard of both, let us know if they where worth the read. As a library tec I must say we aren’t supposed to unprofessionally poke our noses into patrons business but in the same breath some of the nosiest and more peculiar people I know are also in the library business… Oddly enough I am okay with you pointing the obviousness of my statement, if you like 🙂

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