I had a lovely breakfast with this little cutie this morning. He was thrilled with his strawberries and blueberries!

The rest of the day involved running around getting errands done with only one child along, since the rest of the kids are camping for the weekend with my mom and dad. It is amazing how much I can get done, quickly, when I have only one kid with me! And it’s amazing how I thought life was so complicated when Markus was our only child!

Clay and I also had a lunch date at Souleio. Yum! The food was good too.

I bought Bailey’s birthday present, dropped stuff off at Value Village, and ran around to a bunch of garden centres, trying to find the necessary components for my square foot gardening soil. Peavey Mart came through! Add that to yesterday’s trips to Ten Thousand Villages, Dollarama, and Costco, and this has been a busy shopping weekend!

I enjoy my time off when the kids are busy with Gramma and Grampa, and I sure do look forward to them coming home. When they’re away and their constant 6 year-old-and-under neediness is not glaringly obvious, I find myself remembering how cool they are and I can’t wait to spend time with them again. It’s recharge time for all of us. The kids get fresh love from their amazing grandparents, and we get some time to refresh to give them fresh love when they come home.

2 Responses to “Berry Baby. And my day.”

  1. Jean:

    We got to hang out with the cute Bitner kids all day and give some of OUR fresh love to them too – they’ll probably seem taller to you when they come home (since love makes children grow, dontcha know!). Also, do not let me forget to tell you the story of Wyatt and the Joka – that is one rich kid you’ve got there.

  2. Kim:

    They are taller! And even cuter than when they left too! I would love to hear the story about the Joka, I can only imagine.

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