Just a few things for you to read while you sip on a cuppa. I see a theme running throughout.

Manager, Martyr, and Meek Mothers | Trisha Wilkerson, Mars Hill Church Blog: I spend far too much time being a manager or a martyr. By God’s grace, I pray that he will transform me into more of a meek Jesus follower.

10 Ways For Moms to Respect Their Daughters and 10 Ways for Moms to Respect Their Sons | Jen Smidt, The Resurgence: This is convicting stuff for the manager and martyr in me.

Compelled By Love | Bill Clem, Mars Hill Church Blog: The “Giving up our entitlements” part blew me away. I want to be that kind of servant.

Why the City is a Wonderful Place to Raise Children | Kathy Keller, The Gospel Coalition: Having grown up thinking that rural life was holy and city life was for sinners, yet feeling called to live in a city now, this is a great look at how city life has the potential to turn our kids’ hearts toward God rather than guaranteeing their destruction. That sounds really extreme, haha! Seriously I used to think that way. If only I could raise my kids in a small town, then they’d turn out alright. Praise God our salvation does not depend on our proximity to the nearest liquor store or on the amount of potheads in your English class for that matter. Let’s be honest, small towns are no paradise. For here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come.

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