I had a vague memory of seeing Mary Poppins once when I was a kid, and when Clay told the boys about Mary flying around with an umbrella, they were pretty excited to see what it was all about. So yesterday we had a family movie night with Mary Poppins. It of course had some tunes that were recognizable, and had moments of entertainment. I just couldn’t shake how irritating she was. Does anyone else find her irritating? “Just as I thought: Mary Poppins, perfect in almost every way.”

Are there any hardcore Mary Poppins fans out there? What do you love about the movie? What am I missing?!

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  1. Jessica:

    Aw, I like it. I feel like the “perfectness” is kind of tongue-in-cheek. You can kind of see it in their eyes that the actors know it’s over the top. And I love how Bert is just so in love with Mary. Plus Julie Andrews voice is divine & I am a sucker for cute choreography.

  2. Oh I LOVED Mary Poppins and thought she was perfect in every way! And Bert, well I loved him too. Of course I have just watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 43 times in the past 2 weeks.

  3. Jean:

    You gotta shut off your left brain and embrace the wonder and imagination and silliness. Don’t watch it like an adult, watch it like your kids (or just watch them!)… did they like it? My kids love it, it’s fantastical, a bit tongue in cheek, and as already stated, Julie and Dick are so fun to watch. Also, what would you rather watch with your kids, SpongeBob or this? Perspective : )(for the record, we’ve never watched SB because even the trailers for it are so vulgur to me). I wish you well finding other family friendly movies.

  4. Angie:

    I’m a sucker for Mary Poppins, I must admit!! Loved it growing up, although I haven’t seen it in years so it may have lost some magic!

  5. I agree with Julie that you feel like they know it is a little over the top. I LOVE her singing, the dancing on the roof is so fun each time and as a kid I couldn’t get over how they managed to go to a cartoon world!! We recently watched it with the kids too and all enjoyed. IT’S WHIMSY and I adore whimsy!

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