This afternoon we got out of the city for some fresh country air. A trip to the farm was in order. I wasn’t sure how my city crew would fare. Not to fear! They had an amazing time!

Markus was giving the chickens a run for their money. All the kids were. Check out their delighted faces!

And that, my friends, is a free range chicken.

A trip into the chicken coop to see where our eggs come from.

Markus was so proud to have picked an egg.

Such a beautiful bird.

The poults (baby turkeys – had to google that one!) are only 10 days old. The kids were a little apprehensive at first, but after petting one they were eager to get into the pen and get a closer look.

Markus made himself busy picking these tiny birds up and moving them around, and giving them a higher view.

He would have stayed for hours more if I’d have let him.

City kids. This country-raised girl never thought she’d have a brood of city kids under her wing. I think there’s a lot of country hiding under their shells though.

4 Responses to “Free Range Learners”

  1. Jean:

    wonderful, though I have to ask… where is my picture of Deacon?!

  2. kim:

    He was tagging along on my back the whole time. Once he’s walking I’m sure he’ll be madly chasing chickens too!

  3. Jean:

    Perhaps you could train one of your kids on the camera so that next time I’m not left wanting – just a suggestion.

  4. kim:

    Markus is actually getting pretty good with the camera, but he was too busy chasing chickens and holding turkeys that I didn’t even think to pass it off to him.

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