In an attempt to earn Favourite Granddaughter status, my niece declared her Grandpa must be 32 today. She was almost rewarded with the whole birthday cake. In reality, my dad is a tad older than that, but still has more energy than a lot of his kids. The grandkids took him to the playground for his birthday while the rest of us lazy bones sat around the house.

We love you, Dad! You are an immense blessing to all of us. We love your love for Jesus, your love for your family, your zest for life, and your servant heart. We hope your next spin around the sun is a great one!

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Dad!”

  1. Jean:

    loving this picture! oldest and youngest of the family – pretty special. By the way, if you have a snap of Dad that you don’t mind me using on my blog, I’d appreciate you sending it my way.

  2. What a fabulous photo. Grandparent and baby pictures are a favorite of mine. While my mom was down I got one with her and all the kids eating ice-cream cones on the patio, I think it is a framer as my heart feels squeezed when I look at it!

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