Given the fact that our kids are all still so little, I often forget the fact that I can’t protect them and save them from all the pain and hurt in this world. Of course I don’t want to shelter them in the sense that they are naive and have no idea of the struggles and suffering around them. No, I want them to be deeply sympathetic to others’ hurts, I want them to love deeply as they have been loved deeply by God. I just wish they didn’t have to feel pain and hurt for themselves.

Of course that’s impossible.

Still, I hate having to console my beautiful daughter when her friends exclude her. Her precious face, cast in a shadow of sadness. In that moment I am transported back to my childhood, drying my own tears because my friends cruelly abandoned me. It is so hard to quietly comfort and console her, rather than stand up like a mama bear and fight. It is a battle I cannot win. I can only pray that she can learn to love when she is not shown love. To forgive rather than harbor bitterness. And pray that I can do the same.

Oh Lord, I have so much to learn.

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  1. Interesting you should post this because my heart ached for Bailey this afternoon as I witnessed just this. I found myself wanting to be a mama bear too and I am not her mama! These times were probably some of the toughest moments in my parenting. Interesting though that it was rarely an issue with the boys. Ah, little girls. 🙂 Indeed, may she learn to love when she is not shown love. May we all learn to do that. Isn’t that what Christ did for us?

  2. kim:

    Thanks for your comment, Julie. You’re so right that the struggles are so different between girls and boys. I don’t know if I can remember a time this has happened to the boys, yet here we are with Bailey not 3 and already my heart is breaking for her. I can’t imagine how much harder it will get as she gets older – don’t know how my mom managed the times that I would cry on her shoulder!
    It’s such a learning curve for me, going from boys to girl. Boys are tougher, you can be harder on them, and girls are so delicate and fragile. Such blessings, both. Such a responsibility to train them up.

    Thanks for being someone I can draw wisdom from.

  3. Joanne:

    Amen Kim! I have those exact feelings with Ellie-what is it about girls?

  4. Angie:

    How could anyone resist that sweet girl? She is in my prayers!

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