Let Go

Something you might not know about me is the fact that I am a bit of a control freak. Does not work well with others. Yes, that would be me. In high school, I hated group projects. Yet I was the one whom everyone wanted to work on a group project with because they knew they would have an easy ride. I’d just take over and do almost everything because I was so worried that other people were incompetent and would drag me down rather than add to my success. I do not delegate well. I would rather do everything myself so I know it’s done right. What is right? Well, my way of course!

Something that started out as a manageable project a few days ago, something I could handle, has transformed into something that is completely beyond me. While this would have stressed me out in the past, it came upon me so suddenly that I didn’t even realize what was happening, and I am finding immense joy and freedom in surrendering it to the Lord. It’s in His hands, I know that full well.

I feel like we came to Jesus with five small loaves and two fish and he is multiplying our offering. I have no choice but to allow others to come on board and help me with this endeavour because it’s completely more than I can handle. While that would have severely stressed me out in the past, today I find it exhilarating to let go.

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