School has been pretty lax around here for the last few months. So when we finally sit down and get some actual bookwork done, you can bet I’m going to snap a picture of it. I’m not here to spin it and make it look like we are deep in the school trenches and are ready to wind up our school year before the public schoolers. On the contrary, we will probably be doing school through the summer because we pretty much took off the last few months.

Today was awesome though. The boys hammered through three days worth of math because they are so thrilled to move on to ADDING! They are already working on addition all the time in real life, but the fact that it’s coming up in their workbooks is incredibly exciting to them. Wyatt, who is typically quite distracted with this sit-down stuff, was a machine today. The secret? Stickers. Why didn’t I clue into this sooner? Thank you, Dollarama!

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  1. This might sound funny, but my kids are the same way about work sheets. They are in public school but often on holidays or evenings I pull out the collection of work books I have picked up and they are so pumped to work in them, especially since they came with stickers! Yay for stickers indeed!

  2. Stickers always worked very well in elementary. When they stop working, switch to food, movies and educational computer games. Mavis Beacon typing was always a treat for Allison when she finished diagraming sentences. 🙂
    Food worked much better with the boys. 🙂

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