Someone had a birthday!

Sweetest little Deacon turned one today. The past year has been such a blessing. What a joy to have this sweet babe in my arms. Words cannot express how much I love being his Mama. I can’t believe it has been a year since his birth. I purposed to savour his babyhood, and I do feel that by the grace of God I am doing so. Thankfully there’s a lot of baby left in him yet. Stay small, Little, stay small!

Family came to celebrate with us, and this is about half of the crowd. Some couldn’t make it, and you were all missed! (I really like the photo shoot going on to the left…nice pose, Cody!)
Check Clay’s blog for an adorable photo of Deacon digging into his cupcake.

Wyatt was very happy to show Deacon how his new toy worked.

Laughing and playing with his Gramma.

An attempt at a family picture…

There we go, that’s better. It only took us about 40 photos to get one this good!
This family of six sure is a lot of fun! Thanks, Deacon, for adding to the joy!

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  1. Jayna:

    What?!?! He’s one already?!?! 🙂

    Love the photos as usual! What a great family!!

  2. Oh such lovely lovely family pictures! Rich with memory and meaning and love. Happy birthday to your boy! He still has a lot of baby in him indeed! ENJOY!

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