This little lady is still sporting her long hair. She didn’t end up getting it cut on Friday because she threw up an hour before her appointment. So for now, we pull the short chunks back in a clip. She’s gorgeous no matter what.

I snuck up to get this shot of her. She was busy making up a scenario with this rope for a good 15 minutes. I could hear high pitched exclamations, “Oh no! Don’t get me!” Then the rope would move and another imagined character would talk in an equally high pitch. How is it she can hang off my limbs and whine all day, and the next she can contentedly sit and play with a rope with no encouragement to do so? Maybe I need to throw out all the toys and replace them with a rope and a few refrigerator boxes. The minimalist in me is all over that idea.

2 Responses to “Imagination”

  1. Becky Fehr:

    Glad the self hair cut wasn’t a total disaster, she sure seems to be very clever, imagination is so precious, adorable in children.

  2. Lindsay B:

    Ivie does the exact same thing and I am also baffled that she gets”bored” and comes to me for entertainment. I also would love to have less toys. : )

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