Time for Ten on Ten again. I haven’t blogged in a month?! Sorry about that. I intend to get back into the swing of things soon, if only for the fact that my sister in a far away land is begging for more Deacon photos. Hi Jean!

Today began with gusto. The kids and I were planning to go camping with my mom and dad. Wyatt put in a quick call to his Daddy in the midst of packing up.

When I say quick call, I do mean quick. All I heard was, “Bye Daddy!” Click. Funny kid! This was at noon.

Princess Bailey, eating her lunch before we head out. Her cup is placed perfectly, showcasing her favourite princess: Cinderella!

Oh. Crap. 2:00pm and we are not going anywhere. Just past Martensville, the van overheated. Here we are, pulled over on the side of the road, waiting for Dad to come to the rescue.

The van is empty. Everything the kids will need for camping has been transferred to Mom and Dad’s camper, and the kids are safely tucked into Dad’s truck, ready to finally head to the lake. Clay came to rescue Deacon and I, so all the other gear has been stuffed into our car. We needed to get the van closer to Saskatoon if we wanted to get towed for free, since our CAA coverage only allows tows within 5km of the city. So…Clay manned the overheated van while Deacon and I followed in the car. We made it to Costco as planned. Whew!

Yay! The tow truck has arrived.

I can tell you where I’m not going for supper. That’s right, not Bonanza.

While Clay had some drinks with the guys from work, in honour of his brother Cody’s last day working there, I hung out with my sweet Deacon. He was so curious about our tree in the front yard (hey, I haven’t gotten around to telling you all – we finally have a tree!) and here he is getting his feet wet while we were watering.

7:00pm and off for supper at Montanas with two handsome men, one big and one small.

I was going to get a girly drink. Then I decided to order fish and chips. It just didn’t seem right to order a mojito with beer battered fish, so a Rickard’s Red it was.

What a day. I look forward to starting tomorrow off on the right foot – with freshly roasted coffee from Leven’s. We signed up for a coffee subscription, so now we get 2 pounds of coffee every month, delivered right to our door. Mmmmmm. So yummah!

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  1. Nathalie:

    This made me laugh!
    I’m officially stalking you…..

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