Tomato Harvest

The temperature threatened to dip a little too low for comfort last night, so it was time to bring in the tomatoes. I cannot believe how many there are! This is one third of the bounty I found on my plants. My four plants. I did not expect to have this many tomatoes from four plants!

Two years ago I planted tomatoes and they had blight. I ended up with one ripe tomato worth eating. One. I was so discouraged that I didn’t even plant any last year. Oh yeah, and I had a baby. I didn’t want to grow anything slightly temperamental. Well, I am hoping for better luck this year!

So long as these guys ripen and stay looking good, I will have the lovely problem of figuring out what to do with all these tomatoes. Clay votes salsa. Now I just need a foolproof recipe. Who wants a pantry full of bland salsa? Not me.

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  1. Jean:

    Wes votes for salsa too (no matter what the vote’s about 🙂 Sher has a lovely salsa that we have enjoyed making over the years and you can make it as spicy or mild as you want – we go super spicy. Also, just wondering where you’ve got your tomatoes ripening – Wes’s mom always had them on a counter somewhere in a single layer.

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