School Has Begun!

Class Picture

Classes at Bitner Academy are now in session. I like to take advantage of my freedom by not starting school when everyone else does. Setting our own schedule means starting a week later than everyone else, just because we can.


Markus, grade 2.


Wyatt, grade 1.


Bailey, Pre-K/K.


Deacon, 2 years old and along for the ride.

Nice tongue, Deacon.

My favourite students.


I had promised the kids we would paint this summer, so we pulled out the supplies and got to work this morning.

Little Artist

Bailey loved mixing colours, and adding more. And more.

Wyatt's art

Wyatt’s finished piece.

Markus' Art

Take a guess as to whose creation this is.

Creative process

“Markus, please go close to Bailey and pretend you are helping so I can take a picture.”

Ice Cream

As I promised them, an ice cream sundae at Homestead Ice Cream. In that bowl are 9 scoops of ice cream: Dill Pickle, Licorice, Caramel Cone, Cookie Dough, Grape, Peach, Bubble Gum, Oreo Cheesecake, and Maple Walnut. Wow, I remembered them all!

New Pencils

And what’s the start of a new school year without new pencils? I splurged on these Staedtler ones…there’s nothing like a good pencil.

4 Responses to “School Has Begun!”

  1. Allison:

    Ahh the start of a new school year – love it, especially those pencils! It looks like the kind of pencil that would make me write lists just so I have an excuse to use it. Love the first day pictures!

  2. This is awesome! I really want to homeschool when the time comes, are you part of any co-ops?

  3. Robyn:

    So cute 🙂 I love the caption for the one with all of them painting haha. Dill pickle ice cream??

  4. Angie:

    Love it, Kim! I can’t wait to see you on Friday!!

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