When I was a teenager, do you know what the best time was to find my bedroom in a state of order and cleanliness? Anytime I had a big assignment due. Or finals week. I was a master of procrastination.

Apparently I have not changed.

I took the week off school so that I couldĀ reorient my thoughts and get focused for the second half of the year, but I haven’t done anything except clean my house. I started tackling our spare room/junk room, I laid carpet in the kids’ secret hideout, vacuumed, flattened and recycled an unreasonable amount of cardboard boxes, washed the floor, and cooked up a storm.

I’ll add blogging to the list of procrastinating techniques. After this I think I’m out of ideas and might have to actually get down to work.

I need to schedule math until the end of the year.
I need to catch up on my Good Reads reviews for a few FIAR books.
I want to make a plan for going through the Story of the World volume 1.
I want to write my summative report and periodic log for the first half of the school year.

It doesn’t look so bad when I break it down like that. I guess I should get to work.

I’ll do it tomorrow!

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